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Find companies ready to buy. Then find the right people inside them.

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How is Ocean.io different from other B2B data providers?

AI lookalike search

Type in the URLs of a few companies you've sold to, and Ocean.io crawls the internet to find every company that describes themselves in the same way.

You'll be surprised how many companies you've been missing out on due to the (sometimes) arbitrary industry codes they're assigned in other databases. 


Company-first approach

Ocean.io finds great-fit companies first, and then finds people once you've set your account list, so you'll never miss out on an account due to a mismatching job title again.

Other platforms search for "[job title] in [industry]", which means you'll miss every company that doesn't have that specific job title (or every company where their database is missing that particular contact!)

How Ocean.io Lookalike Search works?

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